Friday, July 7, 2017

A Sort of Homecoming

Hi, ni hao! This may be my last post from China because all we're really going to do tomorrow is drive to Guangzhou  and maybe buy some more souvenirs. Then we'll spend another night at ANOTHER hotel and then it's off to the airport to fly home. Today we went to my orphanage!

We bought some little toys last night to give to the kids. I finally got to meet one of my nannies! Mrs. Deng was really nice and we kind of (kind of) got to talk to each other. Our guide translated what I said to her in Chinese. She says that I am tall and pretty and that she remembered me when I was a baby. (I still can't believe that everyone in China says that I'm tall for my age and in America I'm considered really really short!) She asked me if I remembered her as a baby. Well, in my defense, I was only one.

Anyway, when we got to give out toys and lollipops to the  kids, they seemed really happy. They were all very eager to start playing with their new toys. There were two kids that were still there from when I was. After giving out stuff, we took a little walk around the streets. People were selling almost everything you could think of, from live doves to chickens. I don't think that the doves and chickens were for pets sadly. But we got to try some new fruits that I had never seen or even heard of. Dragon eye fruit was a new experience, it was pretty good!

They welcomed us with jasmine tea, dragon eye fruit and bananas. Everything was tasty. It's their custom to always welcome people with tea and some kind of food. At lunch, my nanny was always filling my plate with the rice and noodles I love. She also showed me how to master my chopsticks! Lunch was good, even if I couldn't try some things due to my shellfish allergy. We also visited the place where I was found. Unfortunately, the building that was originally there was replaced by a Honda dealership. I was more curious than emotional. Where was the exact place I was found? How long ago was it? My mind was slightly focused on something else though. I had lost my wiggly tooth about five minutes ago. I had to hold a napkin

there to staunch the bleeding.

Today was quite a bit more interesting than just looking around a city and lazily lying around in the hotel. I finally got to see my nanny and learn exactly where they found me. I'll blog when we get back to the U.S.A. Talk to you when we get back home! Bye!

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Lots of Pandas!

I know I haven't written in a couple of days, but that's simply because of lousy wifi. Well, two days ago we went to see the giant pandas and got to be like the keepers. We got to clean out their enclosures, make food for them, and feed them. I learned that when you feed them, their caretakers make them put their paw onto a little shelf. I also learned that giant pandas need a ton of work but it's well worth it. On the second day, we got to go to the panda preserve where they had a three-day old baby panda and two three month olds. We got to see six red pandas too!

That night we went to the Chinese Opera with all sorts of entertainment that included shadow puppets! The shadow puppeteer could make his hands into birds, rabbits, and a whole bunch of other animals! He told stories that you could easily understand, even if you didn't speak Chinese. Next we saw seven masked people that when they turned around, their masks suddenly changed! It took a while for me to catch on how they did it. There in Chengdu, everyone loves spicy foods. They served us dumplings, and my tongue was set on fire and had to be extinguished by some water and sprite. But I still ate all my dumplings.

I was really sad after the show because I learned that we would be leaving early the next morning. Now we would be traveling alone, I had gotten used to going around in a big giant group. All my friends were as sad as I was, but maybe we'd get to visit each other after we all get home. My friend, Martina and I promised to keep in touch.

We got up really early this morning and ran to the airport (well, not really; my back would break if I ran too long with my luggage) and boarded a trip Guilin. Our plane was called Air China, earlier on our travels I had seen a plane called Air

Berlin. We visited Reed Flute Cave, Pearl Factory, and the Elephant Trunk Hill. The Reed Flute Cave is amazing, there was even a natural rock formation that looked exactly like a lion! At the Pearl Factory, Mom bought a pearl necklace and a matching bracelet and I bought an everyday necklace. Elephant Trunk Hill was just as peaceful as in the pictures with the bright green grass and the ancient pagoda. We also got to see a local fisherwoman with her cormorants. (they're a kind of bird that people use to fish, look it up)

I've seen so much in only three days and my big adventure's not over yet. I promise, I'll keep you updated!

Friday, June 30, 2017

Hello! I have not written in the last two days because I have either been really tired or not have really much to share. Two days ago, we left our old hotel and went to see the Emperor's summer palace. It was all manmade (believe it or not) from the buildings and statues to the really big lake. One might even mistake it for a very small ocean.

After that we ate lunch, of course with rice. Everything is good with rice. When lunch was over, we boarded a high speed train that went 190 miles an hour! We were on that train for five hours, which resulted in going 950 MILES

! I almost couldn't believe it when Mom told me. We got to our hotel at about six or six thirty. All of us were kind of tired of Chinese food (though we all love it) and decided to order pizza and Italian spaghetti. As you can guess, the spaghetti was mine. It didn't really turn out how we would expect it.

Anyway, yesterday we went to see the Terra Cotta warriors museum AND the actual ones. We learned how to make little versions of the warriors with clay and a mold and saw how hard making them really was. In the end, I bought a little jaguar that represents two different armies. Today I'm going to another new hotel, this one by plane. But the plane ride is only an hour, so I shouldn't get too bored. If anything happens, I'll tell you!

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

We Are Back In China!

Hi everyone! It's my first time to blog (sorry, was a bit tired to do it last night) and we've seen so much in just two days! Yesterday we went to the Forbidden City, Silk factory, and the Temple of Heaven. Everything had that Chinese look to it, from the pointed roofs to the red color. We learned how they harvested silk from silk worms and how they make the silk comforters. I really wanted to buy and take a silk blanket home but one, we've got enough blankets, and two, I really don't have enough room in my suitcase!

Last night we ate Peking duck, it tasted a lot like chicken. I was really sad when I learned that they cook a young duck, but that's because its meat was still tender. Really tender. I've tried a ton of new foods, or, foods that I don't remember eating as a baby. Congee is one of them. Tomorrow I'm going to try some sushi because I heard that it might have some of the crispy seaweed I like. The good thing is that every meal I can have my two favorite things: rice and noodles. Even for breakfast! Here in China, they love savory foods all the time.

Today we went to the Great Wall, the sights there are amazing! You'd go up and down in a cable car or if you preferred something else, a toboggan. I never really thought about riding down from the great wall on a toboggan! We also visited the Jade factory and the Beijing Olympic Stadiums. The Jade factory is really beautiful, we got to see them shape the jade right up close and learn about it. In the end, I got a pretty necklace with a dragon and a bracelet, just like my mom. The Olympic Stadium looked just like a bird nest!

It's been truly a great trip so far, I get to see some of the most famous landmarks and I get to see my home country. Tomorrow we go to the Emperor's Summer Palace and ride the bullet train to see the terra cotta warriors. I can't wait to tell you more about it!

Friday, December 3, 2010


I haven't posted in FOREVER and so much has happened--including the 4th Birthday of our dear Audrey. More photos of the pink and purple princess fun soon.

We recently had a great trip to meet our good friends the Wielands in New Braunfels--I thought I would post a few photos. Audrey and Harper had a great time and she could not stop talking about her friend Harper. Even more exciting is that Harper has a new brother, Baz. Audrey was very intrigued, but worried that he put "everything in his mouth". We all had a great visit.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Hello Everyone--tired of the snow yet? Me too! We have had some fun times out there--few snowmen, lots of snow angels and a Snow Queen as Audrey is fond of saying--I think this is something she saw on Max and Ruby. We spend everyday being some kind of animal--still the Unicorn is her favorite. Yet some says we are cows, dolphins, horses and princesses or Snow White. Of course we all play along, which I think encourages all this creative play. What do they say about kids who have an imagination?

I think I have a few photos to share of some of our recent adventures. Enjoy.